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My Personal Evolution

When You love to draw, to create, to make “Art” it doesn’t matter what you use to make It, you simply take everithing can help you to extract things from your brain and you use it.

It’s really strange to think about the computer evolution…Isn’t it?

Today I’m going to show you some really old works that I made before I discover Adobe programs.sk2


In those years I used to draw only with black ball-point pen (Bic) and I didn’t have my own computer too, but everytime I could use my father’s or my brother’s one I started to sketch with Paint.

It tooks really a lot of years before I had my first computer (2005/2006) and I started to learn Photoshop and Illustrator by myself (I had only some suggestion from my friend and teacher Sensei 先生 Luciano and his claim: TRY IT!).


Probably you know the web site . Well, Luciano is one of the guys thet made it.


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