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Hi everyone,

Do you remember my post Reverse ? Well, I decided to use that illustration for one of the hard copy in limited edition of Giudah‘s album.stamp.jpgThese guys are amazing, they play a really good electronic music and they made an amazing album…

Album preview

Videoclip: Friday night Theme , a teaser



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Flier for Kristian Harting

This is the flier that I made for the party on december the 6th organizet by the music association SISMA.

If you don’t know Kristian Harting take a look to his website and listen his amazing songs. prova sismaAniway here you can see also the picture that I used to make this flier. Is a shot that I took in the 2010 during a road trip from Rome to Bergen(Norway). I know that this picture is not so good, but usually I like to take old photos and make something new with them.norge 089

Graphic, illustration, music, Posters and Fliers


Today I’m going to show you the first flier that I made for SISMA

Tonight it will start the new season of concerts organized by this organization and the good news is that I will be THE OFFICIAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!

with text

How I made it

scanplainwith textures

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Double Doodle

…If You liked one…cardboard double color…I wish You will like also two…