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SISMA: Fliers compilation


Hi Everyone! Here You can find a recap of last fliers that I made for SISMA.B.jpg14563442_1366887283336504_4915744595561221913_n.jpg2.jpgcopertina no verano.jpgmoustache prawn locandina.jpg


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Hi everyone,

Do you remember my post Reverse ? Well, I decided to use that illustration for one of the hard copy in limited edition of Giudah‘s album.stamp.jpgThese guys are amazing, they play a really good electronic music and they made an amazing album…

Album preview

Videoclip: Friday night Theme , a teaser



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Hi Everyone!

Today is “The Day”!

With my band AlCESTI today we are releasing our firs album NELL’ESISTENTE E NELL’ONIRICO…I am so excided about it!!!

You can find it in streaming on Spotify,spotify.png

You can buy a digital copy on Itunes and bandcamp,


Or you can buy it in italian shops (Audioglobe distribution), or you can write at .

The artwork is by Martin Vlach , take a look at his works, they are amazing!

Graphic, illustration, music, Posters and Fliers


Today I’m going to show you the first flier that I made for SISMA

Tonight it will start the new season of concerts organized by this organization and the good news is that I will be THE OFFICIAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!

with text

How I made it

scanplainwith textures


Song for Final Work

Space Trip is a song that I made by the computer program Reason, it is one of my “music doodle” that I used to make when I was studing in Rome.

I used this song for the catwalk that I made for my graduation project during Altaroma.

Please don’t judge it…I am not a composer…

Here is a picture of my flatmates Nello, Marco and Andrea that had to suffer all the noise that came from my room, fo four years.


Thanks guys…

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Hi guys,

Today I’ll let you listen some old stuff that I made.

Do you remember Music?

Yes, I know… It’s strange to understand…

Here is a picture for explanation


So Music was a Playstation Game to create songs. You had a lot of sounds, pattern and FX to create tracks only by your joypad.

Well, some years ago I took my PSX out and what I found in the memory card???

123-StarT , Immediately I started to connect scarts, cables, mini jacks and all this kind of things to my computer and after I uploaded it on Myspace.

Anyway I don’t know how I made this stupid song when I was only a child, it was not 2000 yet.

I tried to make something new on this program and you know it’s fo f****ng hard!