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Evil Face in the Playground

Today I’m going to show you this picture.

I took it during the 2009 summer holiday and I completely forgot it.

evil face

I was wandering around with some friend when, going back home after some party I had this kind of optical illusion.

This children’s playground with those street lights was looking as a face with evil smile.

I know that the picture is not so good but at that time I had a camera with only few megapixels….

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Old Experiment

illustator experiment

Really old self-portrait (I was not bald yet)

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Some very old doodle from the summer festival Meeting del Mare 2009.

When you have a marker and you want to draw everything is good to make some sketch.

Yesterday I found these old pictures and I worked on Arnoldo by Illustrator and this is the result.

arnoldo BWarnoldo color

Here you can find original pictures and my friend Luca Plebbeo (the owner of the frisbee).




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The EMO Study

This is another project that I made for my graduation,

It was a study about EMO subculture.

I started working on it when EMO in Italy was not so common.

My project was a fast fashion collection characterised by graphics and allover print.


1 11 13

Garment and Accessory:


31 37


47 49


fears and black tears copia Fuckt grinch copia

caramella copia suicide holiday .


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T-Shirts for Graduation

Some T-shirts that I made for my graduation work in the 2009.

Sorry for the s***y shooting but I made it at home with my flatmates and we didn’t have a good camera.

noodles 1 noodles 2


tomato 1 tomato 2

clown 1 clown 2


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Doodling for Work

This is another all over print that I made for a t-shirt for my company.

Here I used some doodle to create a symmetrical graphic.

Everywhere you see you can find a face.



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Rome, Final Work 2009

Rome,Final Work 2009

Some old stuff from the fashion show

after my graduation at the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome.

The Show was during AltaRoma

in Borgo Santo Spirito (near San Pietro).

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