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New Cardboard Doodle

A new fast doodle with some texture…

cardboard sketch.jpgfaccia.jpg

Posters and Fliers

I’m not a Blonde

The  first flier for new SISMA season.

Two weeks ago there was the concert and was really amazing. After the concert I talked also with the artists that really appreciated my work.STAMPA LOCANDINA B.jpg

Posters and Fliers

SISMA Easter Pasty

Here is the flier for next Sisma show that will be the day  before Easter…

The band that will play this time will be La Rappresentante di Lista La Tempesta Dischi.

Enjoy it!

marzo 2.jpg


Self Portrait

Today I am going to show you this self portrait.

I made it to test a new drawing style.autoritratto.jpg