Posters and Fliers

All SISMA fliers for the season.

On may there will be last SISMA show, I am so proud to collaborate with this amazing organization that in only two years made so many things for indipendent music in Treviso.

Here you can find all the fliers that I made for SISMA.

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Hi everyone,

Do you remember my post Reverse ? Well, I decided to use that illustration for one of the hard copy in limited edition of Giudah‘s album.stamp.jpgThese guys are amazing, they play a really good electronic music and they made an amazing album…

Album preview

Videoclip: Friday night Theme , a teaser



Posters and Fliers

Flier for 27/02

Here is the new work  that I made for SISMA.febbraio 16Weare going also to print 11 copies to sell ath the show on saturday.

Here is the extended black and white version.lascimmia + giudah estesa BW