Posters and Fliers

All SISMA fliers for the season.

On may there will be last SISMA show, I am so proud to collaborate with this amazing organization that in only two years made so many things for indipendent music in Treviso.

Here you can find all the fliers that I made for SISMA.

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Today I’m going to show you the first flier that I made for SISMA

Tonight it will start the new season of concerts organized by this organization and the good news is that I will be THE OFFICIAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!

with text

How I made it

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doodle, Graphic, illustration

Double Doodle

…If You liked one…cardboard double color…I wish You will like also two…

Graphic, illustration


An illustration that I made thinking about a CD cover.

In the end I proposed it to some friend but they didn’t like…

So what else? I have a spare cover to sell…

If someone will be interested please contact me on my email.

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