Posters and Fliers

Flier for Od Fulmine feat Davide Toffolo

Here an other flier for SISMA.

With the headliners Od Fulmine there was also “the amazing” Davide Toffolo from Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti on stage.

I am really proud to draw him because he is also one of the best italian cartoonist and with his comics he influenced a lot my way of sketching.

locandina A3.jpg

Posters and Fliers

Sisma: october flier

This is the second flier that I made for the music organization Sisma.

It is really a pity that I won’t be there on the 24th, but I am really proud to collaborate with these guys that fight to take good music in the small city where I live.october flier

with textures

no texture


contest, Graphic


This is a work that I made for a contest,

I had to create a character to put on the flyer of the hip-hop party of the Circolo degli Artisti, an amazing club in Rome.

The party was named Loretta and was on friday, the 3rd of october.

In the end I didn’t win and my work was not on the flyers. I will try next time.

Loretta flier 1

Loretta flier 2