Posters and Fliers

Moustache Prawn

Here is the new work that I made for SISMA. Next weekend the band that is going to play is Moustache Prawn and here you can find their new videoclip.

moustache prawn.jpg

Posters and Fliers

Flier for Od Fulmine feat Davide Toffolo

Here an other flier for SISMA.

With the headliners Od Fulmine there was also “the amazing” Davide Toffolo from Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti on stage.

I am really proud to draw him because he is also one of the best italian cartoonist and with his comics he influenced a lot my way of sketching.

locandina A3.jpg


Self Portrait

Today I am going to show you this self portrait.

I made it to test a new drawing style.autoritratto.jpg

Alcesti, Graphic

Sick Fast Illustration

facce copia

Yesterday I was at home from work because I was sick…

You know, after two series of Breaking Bad and a lot of sleeping I was so bored,

so I started doodlin’ my band on Illustrator and this is the result.


From the left

Mattia Quaglia: bass and voice

Stefano Cocco: guitar and voice

Me: drums and voice