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SISMA: Fliers compilation


Hi Everyone! Here You can find a recap of last fliers that I made for SISMA.B.jpg14563442_1366887283336504_4915744595561221913_n.jpg2.jpgcopertina no verano.jpgmoustache prawn locandina.jpg


Posters and Fliers

Flier for 27/02

Here is the new work  that I made for SISMA.febbraio 16Weare going also to print 11 copies to sell ath the show on saturday.

Here is the extended black and white version.lascimmia + giudah estesa BW

Posters and Fliers

Sisma: october flier

This is the second flier that I made for the music organization Sisma.

It is really a pity that I won’t be there on the 24th, but I am really proud to collaborate with these guys that fight to take good music in the small city where I live.october flier

with textures

no texture


Graphic, illustration, music, Posters and Fliers


Today I’m going to show you the first flier that I made for SISMA

Tonight it will start the new season of concerts organized by this organization and the good news is that I will be THE OFFICIAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!!

with text

How I made it

scanplainwith textures

Alcesti, Graphic, Posters and Fliers

Poster for concert

Let’s start from the poster that I made for the concert of my band…

Yes, I also play drum in a rock band named ALCESTI…

(No! It is not the band ALCEST! Everyone say me the same)…

locandina definitiva

Here you can find some trials:

base locandina prov locandina verde locandina rosso locandina def B