Posters and Fliers

Moustache Prawn

Here is the new work that I made for SISMA. Next weekend the band that is going to play is Moustache Prawn and here you can find their new videoclip.

moustache prawn.jpg

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Bane for me is one of the most interesting character from BATMAN.

Iven if I appreciate a lot the last movie I like more Bane from the cartoon and from Batman and Robin, in fact for me one of the interesting things about Bane is that he is totally dumb, not as the last one that talks too much.

BANE WIP scanBANE WIP colorBANE WIP colore

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Hi everyone,

Do you remember my post Reverse ? Well, I decided to use that illustration for one of the hard copy in limited edition of Giudah‘s album.stamp.jpgThese guys are amazing, they play a really good electronic music and they made an amazing album…

Album preview

Videoclip: Friday night Theme , a teaser



Posters and Fliers

Sisma: october flier

This is the second flier that I made for the music organization Sisma.

It is really a pity that I won’t be there on the 24th, but I am really proud to collaborate with these guys that fight to take good music in the small city where I live.october flier

with textures

no texture


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The Goblin Shark

Today I’ll show you another sketch about the goblin shark … this kind of shark is known also as living fossil And for me is one of the ugliest and scary animals on th planet. Take a look…

goblin shark BW

I don’t think it is anatomically correct, but who cares…

goblin shark