Posters and Fliers

Flier for Od Fulmine feat Davide Toffolo

Here an other flier for SISMA.

With the headliners Od Fulmine there was also “the amazing” Davide Toffolo from Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti on stage.

I am really proud to draw him because he is also one of the best italian cartoonist and with his comics he influenced a lot my way of sketching.

locandina A3.jpg

Posters and Fliers

SISMA Easter Pasty

Here is the flier for next Sisma show that will be the day  before Easter…

The band that will play this time will be La Rappresentante di Lista La Tempesta Dischi.

Enjoy it!

marzo 2.jpg

contest, Graphic


Some days ago I found something interesting on internet.

This is a contest by the accessories brand FREITAG. Only on the end of the mounth I will know if my work will take part at the challenge.

Waiting the result I will show you my work.


The winning design will be printed on FREITAG’s trucks and in the end will become a design for the bags of this awesome brand.


If I will be lucky and they will choose my design probably I will need your help again.